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The Verbal First Aid Conference


Verbal First Aid™ trainings are a must for anyone concerned with crisis communication, risk management in the workplace, or being there for a loved one who is ill.

The Verbal First Aid™ Training is available in three formats:

Keynote Address or Lunch & Learn:

A one-hour program, including a talk introducing the basic concept of Verbal First Aid™, a power-point demonstration, and a Q&A. Fun, lively and informative.

Half-day and Full-day Seminars:

A fuller experience including lecture, a power point demonstration, and engaging kinesthetic exercises to facilitate a deeper, practical understanding of the material so it can be used right away in the field.

Two-day Workshop:

Similar to the day program, the Workshop is a more complete syllabus, offering a greater number of exercises and a fuller understanding of the techniques of gaining rapport and the delivery of therapeutic suggestion, including special sections on Verbal First Aid™ with children.

In the half-day and both full-day workshops, trainees should be equipped with a copy of the book, The Worst is Over, and notepaper. All other relevant exercise materials will be provided via email or through the convention organizers.

Please call or write for more information on this incredible conference program.