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Zinc Zonks the Snuffles.

Once again, my colleague has sent out a notice worth posting. I’d like to add a note of my own for those who are using homeopathy: Zinc has also been found to suppress symptoms when the “cold” is an aggravation. Just a word of caution, not a contraindication of any kind to its use. If you have a question, check with your allopathic doctor or homeopath.

This colleague wrote:

The FTC and FDA have come down hard on the makers of zinc-based lozenges and other supplements over the years, hitting them with big-time fines over claims this mineral can beat the common cold.

Well, looks like apologies are in order… because a new analysis finds those claims were spot-on: Zinc can shorten the length of the cold, lessen the symptoms and severity, and even help you avoid getting sick in the first place.

Researchers from the Cochrane Collaboration looked at 13 clinical trials and two preventive studies published over the decades, and found solid evidence that zinc stops the cold virus from replicating.

When the virus can’t reproduce, you get better — and the Cochrane researchers say that, overall, zinc reduces cold duration by about a day.

But that benefit could be bigger — a lot bigger — if you take your zinc the moment the sniffles first hit: Some studies have shown it can slash cold duration almost in half.

The researchers also found that zinc supplements taken over five months slashed the odds of getting colds and reduced school absenteeism in children.

People who took zinc also used fewer antibiotics when they caught colds — but if your doc ever tries giving you or your children antibiotics for the common cold, politely decline… and then find a new doc, or at least a bag of zinc lozenges.

Listen, I’m no fan of the supermarket cold cures that have been fined and punished over the years.

They charge too much and you get too little — often with a sugary coating to boot.

But the question has to be asked: Now that it turns out zinc claims were based on science after all, will the feds refund all those fines and penalties?

Of course not.

File this one under “moral victory.”