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A Free 10-Minute Stress Reduction Siesta.

Take a deep breath and recharge your day with this trial hypnotic session. Just enough to relax you and help you gather your resources, your energy and your wits to face whatever lay ahead of you. Remember: Once you’ve downloaded it, please make sure you listen to it in a quiet, safe space where there are no distractions and no demands being made on you. Please don’t use these or any hypnosis CD’s in a car while you are driving.

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A Free 20 Minute Session for Burn Victims

This session is specifically tailored to help with recovery from burn injuries. Soothing, calming, it speaks directly to help reduce inflammation, offer both emotional relief and physical comfort, and speed the healing process and restoration of healthy tissue. Feel free to download as many copies as you wish; it is offered for free with our blessings.

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Releasing Old Wounds

Carrying around old pain is pointless and burdensome. It gets in the way of the joy and love we long for. Whether the pain is two days, two years, or two decades old–whether it was an emotional stab wound or the equivalent of a recurring itch–it doesn’t serve you and you know you need to let it go. This session will help you release the past to the past where it belongs and let you live in the present where you belong. It is a journey to peace.

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The Inevitability of Healing

Designed for patients pre- and post-operatively or for those with chronic disease or discomfort, this soothing, healing session provides the mind with the sustenance and suggestion it needs to lead it to healing. A general-use session for those in need of healing and comfort of any kind.

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