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Announcing The Hypnosis-at-Home Series.verbal-first-aid-cd

Judith’s 7-session set is available now by direct download from this site. Each session is $19.95 and lasts between 40 and 45 minutes. Tapes $#5 and #6 are only available as a set for $29.95. Each session is ordinarily valued at $200.00. Below are descriptions of each:

Tape #1 – Calm in the Eye of The Storm

Do you feel surrounded by chaos? Are you overwhelmed by others? Would you like to be more calm and in control–no matter what’s going on around you? From minor stress to major trauma, you can comfortably learn how to weather the storm.

Tape #2 – Feeding the Soul

Do you live to eat or eat to live? Change the way you feel about yourself and your perceptions of food by listening to this session in the comfort of your own home. A helpful addition to any structured diet plan, whether we want to lose weight, just eat right, or learn to set limits in other areas of our lives, Feeding the Soul teaches you to listen to the wisdom of your own body.

Tape #3 – Confidence to Learn and Perform

Embarking on a new journey can be exciting and frightening. Whether you need to adjust to a new language and a new way of life or acquire skills for a new career or overcome stage fright, this session will help you build your self-esteem and confidence as you realize the resources within you.

Tape #4 – Releasing Old Wounds

Carrying around old pain is pointless and burdensome. It gets in the way of the joy and love we long for. Whether the pain is two days, two years, or two decades old–whether it was an emotional stab wound or the equivalent of a recurring itch–it doesn’t serve you and you know you need to let it go. This session will help you release the past to the past where it belongs and let you live in the present where you belong. It is a journey to peace.

Tapes #5 and #6 – Breathing Clear

Smoking can be one of the hardest habits to break. You know you should, you may even want to, you may even have tried, but you just can’t quit.  This two-tape set will take you through the two key stages to stop smoking. With the first tape, truly set yourself free by making the decision to stop smoking. Then, by listening to the second session, develop a convenient amnesia for smoking. In the same way we forget so many things–keys, socks, notes–we can forget old habits, we can forget to smoke! It’s easier and more comfortable than you might imagine.

Breathing Clear CD 1

Breathing Clear CD 2

Get the Set and Save – Both for $29.95!

Tape #7 – The Inevitability of Healing

Designed for patients pre- and post-operatively or for those with chronic disease or discomfort, this soothing, healing session provides the mind with the sustenance and suggestion it needs to lead it to healing. A general-use session for those in need of healing and comfort of any kind.