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Addiction, Alcoholism, and Codependency

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I have been involved in the treatment of addicts, alcoholics and codependents for almost 25 years. In that time, I have come to understand that helping people become free and joyful is less a matter of attachment to a “method” and more a matter of seeing the person truly, in his or her entirety—what’s been hurt and what really needs to be healed. When we’re attached to our “methods” or philosophies about addiction, we ignore the addict him- or herself.  In all my time with addicts–and I have met thousands–I have never met two who were identical or who needed the same thing from me.

What is essential in recovery from addiction is the same thing that is essential in recovery from just about anything and it starts within a healthy, therapeutic relationship.

If there is one truism about addiction, it is that much of the work necessary in recovery is spiritual in nature–surrendering to the moment and being fully present. This means being present both to oneself and others. And presence necessitates embracing all one’s feelings, those that bring joy and those that bring sorrow.

tiger in waterThere are stages to recovery, some of which may be uncomfortable or somewhat intimidating. That is normal. Many people spend years avoiding issues by using drugs or alcohol and the road home may seem daunting. But it is possible. Millions of recovering addicts and alcoholics all over the world can give their testimony to the fullness of life and freedom of spirit experienced by those who keep pressing forward is inexplicably beautiful.

A brief screening will take place over the phone to determine that what I offer is the appropriate level of treatment. I do not offer any detox services or medication that may be necessary in the early stages of recovery from substance abuse. However, where rehab or hospitalization is not necessary, referrals can be made to appropriate medical professionals for support during the initial phases of outpatient treatment.