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JEMS Book Review on Verbal First Aid for Children

Thank you, JEMS.Baby in a Box

It’s probably quite easy to recall an injury or sickness that occurred during your childhood,
but did you know that the first words you heard after the event played an
invaluable role in how well you would manage the situation, heal and subsequently deal
with similar events in the future?
Derived from current medical research, Verbal First Aid demonstrates how the words a caregiver chooses to say when a child is sick or in pain will cause chemical responses to travel through the child’s body and either help or hinder the healing process, as well as set the course for their physical and emotional recovery.

Techniques provided through descriptive scenarios teach the reader how to empower children to actively participate in their own healing, conquer their fears and turn seemingly tragic events into an accepted part of life.

Easy to read and compassionately presented, Verbal First Aid announces revolutionary non-pharmaceutical healing that can be used anywhere at any time. This book is perfect for healthcare providers, teachers and parents. It provides the key that can unlock a child’s inner strength in any situation, thus promoting a healthy and happy life.

JEMS—By Natalie Harris BHSc, AEMCA

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