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Primun Non Nocere: First Do No Harm

To do no harm. This is what every physician must swear upon graduating. But is this possible?

What Does Do-No-Harm Require?
One, beyond the obvious deliberate misdeeds or malicious negligence being called to “do no harm” requires at the very least a reasonable skepticism. This means that a physician—or any professional providing a treatment, especially a pharmaceutical one—should question whether that treatment has the right stuff to do what it’s touted to do.
Viral Fear
As a psychotherapist and homeopath in NM, I am presented with a fair amount of anxiety on a broad range of topics from the people who come to see me. However, they are usually afraid of far more than they should be and do far less about the things they should be afraid of. People are afraid of ordinary household germs as if a serial killer were hiding in their basement, but they (as we saw recently) stand on rocky shorelines as hurricane-force waves batter the boulders they’re standing on and drag them out to sea. We still don’t watch what we’re buying or what we’re eating. And even more importantly, we take vaccines and pills as if they were harmless candy.
Read The Ingredients!

Particularly when we consider what vaccines are made of. Most Americans know about Thimerosal. But few know that aluminum is now being added to a number of vaccines to make them “work better.” The FDA has made the limits of ingestion clear on its website which documents aluminum toxicity from the dextrose patients receive in hospitals when they are hooked up to IV’s. No studies have been done to determine what the effects of the aluminum in vaccines are, especially when given to infants.
The American Academy of Pediatrics did publish a policy statement in 1996 that alerted us to the fact that aluminum is a known danger to human neurology (and we can assume to other mammals as well) and that the threshold of aluminum is far lower than what is currently being used. But that doesn’t seem to hold any sway over the pharmaceutical companies who are not only selling the product but funding the research.
Gardasil, the latest must-have vaccine for young women who are now being told to be afraid of cervical cancer, has just been forced to update their label warning to include expanded risks for those “immunized.” These include seizures, miscarriages, genital warts, and Guillain-Barre syndrome, an auto-immune disease that can result in permanent paralysis.
The Current State of Alarm
The only real virus we need to pay attention to, it seems, is the Viral Fear being seeded on every form of media.  We are terribly worried about contracting and dying from the flu, but not terribly concerned about the proposed prophylactic treatments or how safe they are.
The US Centers for Disease Control released its latest statistics on the “novel flu” this past July. While it was apparently fairly transmissible with 37,246 cases reported, the death toll was only 211. That’s 0.56%. And one researcher notes ( that the actual mortality rate may in fact be much lower than the CDC figures because almost every flu death is reported, while many illnesses that could be swine flu are going unreported. There is currently no testing for non-fatal swine or novel flu.
While there is a building demand amongst pharmaceutical companies, lobbyists, certain universities (which are amply funded by pharmaceutical companies) and public health officials for vaccination, there simply aren’t very good reasons for the panic and many, many reasons NOT to vaccinate. (See ThinkTwice.)
For true protection, many Americans might consider their diets, their sleep and rest habits, their exercise levels, the toxins they regularly ingest that inhibit immune response and lower their vitality,not to mention the drugs they take that make them more susceptible to infection of all kinds. In fact, lately the evidence seems to be mounting in favor of a very simple, very inexpensive, and very effective prophylaxis: Vitamin D. (But that is yet another article.)
The fact that no one speaks about is that there’s nothing to suggest that these vaccines and chemicals are in any way helping us. One study reported by Science Daily (10/2007) stated that the flu vaccine was not associated with reduced hospitalizations or even outpatient visits among young children. Furthermore, vaccine effectiveness couldn’t be demonstrated for any season, age or setting. Were there some specific risk groups that were statistically safer for the vaccine? No.

True Protection: Legal Immunity
Last month the Associated Press reported that a legal immunity will be set for the makers of swine flu vaccines so that any profits which proceed from making the vaccine will be unencumbered from any future claims. Currently, those profits are nearing $2-billion prior to distribution and medical training, which will bring with it other costs and, naturally, other profits.
There seems to be little to say after that, except –permaneo exsisto vulnero. At least one group of us will be solidly protected and free from harm.

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